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Amazing Happy Merry Christmas Quotes 2016 ( Christmas wishes & status )

Christmas Quotes 2016:- Christmas 2016 is coming in few days after. On the Merry Christmas day Christian people are very happy. The day of Christmas is celebrated as birth of Jesus Christ on 25th of December in most of countries world-wide. Merry Christmas Quotes are the special set of words which are used to describe the feeling and happiness for Christmas day. Here we are giving list of latest Merry Christmas Quotes for upcoming Merry Christmas Latest Quotes 2016.

Happy Merry Christmas 2016 Quotes
Happy Merry Christmas 2016 Quotes

Christmas 2016 Quotes:-

"My Idea Of Christmas, Whether Old-Fashioned Or Modern,
Is Very Simple: Loving Others. Come To Think Of It,
Why Do We Have To Wait For Christmas To Do That?”
"Christmas Is Not A Time Nor A Season,
But A State Of Mind, To Cherish Peace And Goodwill,
To Be Plenteous In Mercy, Is To Have The Real Spirit Of Christmas."
"Maybe Christmas, The Grinch Thought,
Doesn't Come From A Store."
"Every Year We Celebrate The Holy Season Of Advent, O God,
Every Year We Pray Those Beautiful Prayers Of Longing And Waiting,
And Sing Those Lovely Songs Of Hope And Promise."

Happy Merry Christmas 2016 Quotes
Happy Merry Christmas 2016 Quotes

Best Christmas Quotes 2016:-

Merry Christmas 2016 Quotes are shared with relatives and friends in whole Merry Christmas week. You can download Christmas Quotes 2016 from this page. 
"May This Christmas Bring About A Pleasant Change In Your Life, May My Wishes Find You With A Smile On Your Face, I Wish You The Best In Life This Christmas, Merry Christmas To You And Your Loved Ones."
"One Can Never Have Enough Socks," Said Dumbledore, Another Christmas Has Come And Gone And, I Didn't Get A Single Pair. People Will Insist On Giving Me Books."

Merry Christmas Quotes Wishes 2016:-

"May All The Sweet Magic Of Christmas Conspire, To Gladden Your Hearts And Fill Every Desire.""No Matter How Much Falls On Us, We Keep Plowing Ahead, That's The Only Way To Keep The Roads Clear." 
"Christmas Is Not A Time Nor A Season, But A State Of Mind. To Cherish Peace And Goodwill, To Be Plenteous In Mercy, Is To Have The Real Spirit Of Christmas." 
"On A Busy Day Twenty-Two Thousand People, Come To Visit Santa, And I Was Told That, It Is An Elf's Lot To Remain Merry In The Face Of Torment, And Adversity,I Promised To Keep That In Mind." 

Merry Christmas 2016 Quotes:-

Happy Merry Christmas 2016 Quotes
Happy Merry Christmas 2016 Quotes
Here we are providing you Latest Christmas quotes 2016 in different-different manner. From here you can copy the quotes, Quotes with images and send to your friends via facebook, whatsapp, texting and so on. Christmas is the festival which is celebrated in the whole world.
"I Love Christmas, Not Just Because Of The Presents But, Because Of All The Decorations And, Lights And The Warmth Of The Season.""I Am Dreaming Of White Christmas, With Every Christmas Card I Write, May Your Days Be Merry And Bright, And May All Your Christmases Be White.""To Your Enemy, Forgiveness, To An Opponent, Tolerance, To A Friend, Your Heart. To A Customer, Service, To All, Charity. To Every Child,
A Good Example. To Yourself, Respect."

Funny Christmas Poems - The Night After Christmas

Twas the night after Christmas in Santa-Claus land
And to rest from his labors St. Nicholas planned.
The reindeer were turned out to pasture and all
The ten thousand assistants discharged till the fall.
The furry great-coat was laid safely away
With the boots and the cap with its tassel so gay,
And toasting his toes by a merry wood fire,
What more could a weary old Santa desire?
So he puffed at his pipe and remarked to his wife,
"This amply makes up for my strenuous life!
santa in fireplaceFrom climbing down chimneys my legs fairly ache,
But it's well worth the while for the dear children's sake.
I'd bruise every bone in my body to see
The darlings' delight in a gift-laden tree!"
Just then came a sound like a telephone bell—
Though why they should have such a thing I can't tell—
St. Nick gave a snort and exclaimed in a rage,
"Bad luck to inventions of this modern age!"
He grabbed the receiver—his face wore a frown
As he roared in the mouth-piece, "I will not come down
To exchange any toys like an up-to-date store,
Ring off, I'll not listen to anything more!"
Then he settled himself by the comforting blaze
And waxed reminiscent of halcyon days
christmas train
When children were happy with simplest of toys:
A doll for the girls and a drum for the boys—
But again came that noisy disturber of peace
The telephone bell—would the sound never cease?
"Run and answer it, wife, all my patience has fled,
If they keep this thing up I shall wish I were dead!
I have worked night and day the best part of a year
santa christmas tree
To supply all the children, and what do I hear—
A boy who declares he received roller-skates
When he wanted a gun—and a cross girl who states
That she asked for a new fancy talking machine
And I brought her a sled, so she thinks I am 'mean!'"
The telephone wire was kept sizzling hot
By children disgusted with presents they'd got,
And when the bright sun showed its face in the sky
The Santa-Claus family were ready to cry!
Now, when you try and call Santa-Claus land
They'll say disconnected—and you'll understand.Short Funny Christmas PoemsI made myself a snowball, As perfect as could be, I thought I’d keep it as a pet, And let it sleep with me. I made it some pajamas, And a pillow for its head, Then last night it ran away, But first - it wet the bed! 
Happy Merry Christmas 2016 Quotes
Happy Merry Christmas 2016 Quotes
A chubby little snowman 
had a carrot nose. Along came a bunny, and what do you suppose? That hungry little bunny, looking for some lunch, Grabbed that snowman’s nose, Nibble, nibble, crunch! 
For your Christmas presents, I thank you one and all. For the big ones many thanks, And fewer for the small.
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Happy Merry Christmas 2016 Quotes
Happy Merry Christmas 2016 Quotes

Happy Merry Christmas 2016 Quotes:-

Quotes to Wish Merry Christmas are show the respect and zeal of the Christmas before and after Christmas also. You can share these Merry Christmas beautiful Quotes on the social network with your Social network friend as well as via mobile SMS and various social networking mobile applications such as Merry Christmas Quotes on WhatsApp, Merry Christmas Quotes for Facebook Status and other. Wish you a very happy merry Christmas 2016. Send theChristmas wishes through Quotes of Santa Clause.

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